General Information


During the four-year (eight semester) PhD programme in physics, the activities of the PhD student will be focused on scientific research. The studies are pursued in close collaboration with the supervisor who is responsible for the scientific progress of the students. Taking graduate-level courses at the average of one or two courses per semester, and taking part in teaching under guidance, is also part of the programme. After every second semester the student must give a progress report to the Council of the Doctoral School in form of a local conference presentation. There is a serious checkpoint after the fourth semester in the form of a comprehensive examination. By passing the exam the student enters to the “research and dissertation” phase of the programme (next four semester), while failing will entail the dismissal of the further PhD studies. The PhD degree is awarded after the submission and defense of the thesis. For further details of the programme please see the Curriculum.

Applications in the framework of Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship (Tempus Public Foundation)


Students from certain countries may apply for tuition-free education, a monthly stipend, a contribution to accommodation costs, and medical insurance via the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme.


Guide for Stipendium Hungaricum applications

General applications


Call for applications for PhD studies starting in the fall semester of the academic year 2024/2025


Deadline: 31 May, 2024. The successful applicants start their PhD studies in September, 2024.


Applicants from foreign countries are only entitled to Hungarian state scholarship and tuition-free education if they come from the EU or the EEA.        


The applicants are required to contact their prospective supervisor, and should submit the provisory acceptance letter written and signed by the supervisor. This provisory acceptance letter does not mean the admission to the doctoral school. The attachments of the application must also include the recommendations by two prominent researchers in the chosen field of research.


The selection procedure includes an online interview with the admission committee.


The tuition fee is 4500 EUR/semester, which may be reduced upon request if the research work is performed in one of the collaborating research institutes.


Applicants from the EU or the EEA obtaining the Hungarian state scholarship and tuition-free education are eligible for the monthly stipend of PhD students, which amounts to 140,000 HUF per month in the first four semesters of education and 180,000 HUF per month in the second four semesters of education. While living expenses in Hungary are lower than the EU average, this sum in itself is not enough for a decent standard of living. Therefore you are encouraged to seek an advice from your prospective supervisor before application whether they can provide additional support from their research grants.