The education is supervised by an operative body, the Council of the Doctoral School, responsible for the decisions on the announcement of doctoral themes, the admittance, subjects to be included in the curriculum, and for keeping track of the students’ performance based on work plans and reports.


The Habilitation Committee and Doctoral Council shall decide in every aspects of the PhD doctoral procedure: the initiation of the procedure, subjects of the doctoral comprehensive examination, members of the Comprehensive Examination Committee and the referees (opponents) of the doctoral thesis, chair and members of the Thesis Committee, finally, shall make recommendation to the Habilitation Committee and Doctoral Council of the University on the conferral of the doctoral degree (or on the termination of the failed proceedure). In the field of physics, this college shall conduct university habilitation procedures, too. Its members are selected from the lead researchers of the particular discipline, involving research institutes and universities with similar education profiles.




Training programme (2023)  - Model Curriculum (2023) Bylaws (2023)
Comprehensive examination (2023) Quality Assurance Regulation and Procedures (2021)

Publication and language requirements for the PhD degree (since Nov. 30, 2023)


Publication and language requirements for the PhD degree (before Nov. 30, 2023)

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University Regulation of Doctoral and Habilitation Procedures

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Supervisory evaluation (2023)